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user.university.name = "Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań"
user.university.short = "amu Poznań"
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"DataScience", "NeuralNetworks",
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Introducing IzRise: Breathe New Life into Your Low-Quality Images

We're thrilled to introduce IzRise, our innovative new app available now on the App Store, engineered to rejuvenate your low-quality images and elevate them to striking visuals. Leveraging the power of advanced artificial intelligence, IzRise utilizes not one, but two artificial neural networks, working in harmony with an assortment of noise management functions, color filters, and more to bring you unparalleled image enhancement.

IzRise page:


How Does IzRise Revitalize Your Images?

Step 1: Advanced Enhancement
The first neural network delves into your image, meticulously working to enhance its quality to the utmost. It doesn’t just stop at resolution enhancement and JPEG noise removal – it pushes boundaries, offering an initial level of quality improvement that sets the stage for further optimization.

Step 2: Creative Variations
IzRise doesn’t settle for singular. Once the initial enhancement is complete, it applies a random selection of modifications, creating over 25 unique variations of your image. From subtle alterations to dramatic transformations, explore a spectrum of possibilities with just a single click.

Step 3: Rigorous Quality Assessment
Our second neural network steps in as the discerning judge, meticulously evaluating the variations and retaining only those that exhibit notable quality improvements. Your images are not just transformed – they are meticulously refined.

Step 4: Cyclical Improvement
The process doesn’t conclude at the first iteration. IzRise enters a cycle, reapplying steps to continually hone and enhance the image, ensuring the final result isn’t just better – it's the absolute best.

With IzRise, experience a seamless, user-friendly journey from faded, noisy, and low-res images to vibrant, clean, and striking visuals. Whether you're an enthusiastic amateur or a seasoned professional, IzRise empowers you to transform your visuals into high-quality images that tell your story the way it deserves to be told.

Download IzRise from the App Store now and embark on a journey where your images rise to their fullest potential!

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